A Comprehensive Review Of Honeywell International

Honeywell Worker Honeywell International is the leading organization in terms of technology and manufacturing, reaching out to customers worldwide with products and services for the home consumer, defense, aerospace, security, safety, construction, maintenance, mobile scanning, industrial controls, energy, utilities, transportation, automotive, gas & oil refining, biofuels, petrochemicals, medical and healthcare, chemicals, fertilizers, first responder and fire protection, manufacturing and business units.

Honeywell is a leading supplier of systems, services, engines, and equipment for both military and commercial aircrafts; with a focus on large government and large-scale commercial accounts.

Honeywell International grew dramatically in 1999 through the merger with AlliedSignal and the acquiring of an entire Aerospace business unit. Currently Honeywell employs approximately 128,000 employees in its numerous research, sales, and manufacturing locations in over 100 countries. Honeywell is one of the 30 stocks which make up the Dow Jones Average and they are part of the S&P (Standard and Poor’s) 500 index.


Honeywell International Business Units

Airplane Aerospace
Honeywell’s Aerospace division located in Phoenix, Arizona produces products that are utilized on almost all business and commercial aircraft, as well as, defense and space applications. Honeywell offers integrated service solutions, systems, engines, and avionics. They carefully listen to their customers and set their focus on the particular technology which can best meet the clients’ needs and make flying more inexpensive, more efficient, more reliable, and safer. Honeywell Aerospace manufactures and assembles aircraft engines including turboprop engines, turbofan, APUs among other types. Honeywell also has a strong manufacturing footprint with landing and flight safety systems

Controls & Automation Solutions
Honeywell markets environmental mobility products, scanning, sensing, security, life safety, and even the process and building solutions. These Honeywell products are currently working in 5000 industries, 10 million large buildings, and 150 million residential properties as well as in hundreds of electric and gas utilities worldwide. Their portfolio of solutions and products provides customers the needed ability to gather better information and more data swiftly across wireless locations with enhanced security, safety, and productivity while reducing costs, and driving users into making better decisions. Further, this unit deals with industrial & homes’ manufacturing; ventilation; and heating processes.

Performance Technologies & Materials
Honeywell is a world leader in manufacturing and developing advanced processes and materials to aid technology that is utilized by individuals daily to protect medicines, hasten drug recovery, increase capacity of oil refineries, enhance green fuel production, stop bullets, and reduce emissions. Their materials which are considered advanced in technology are crucial in product manufacturing ranging from pharmaceutical packaging to computer chips. They, also, process technologies developed by customers and form the foundation for the globe’s refiners, efficiently handling during the production of biofuels, petrochemicals, jet fuel, diesel, and gasoline. Honeywell International’s specialty materials are utilized in polymers for fibers and electronics, semiconductors, and special friction materials.

Transportation Systems
Today, Honeywell’s transportation systems division is the world’s leading provider of solutions and technologies to consumers, suppliers, and automakers. From turbochargers that are emission-reducing and fuel-saving to brake products that are safety-enhanced such as brake drum linings, brake disc pads, and all other brake products promoted under the Jurid and Bendix brand names, these systems technologies improve the performance and efficiency of commercial and passengers vehicles world-wide. Honeywell’s transportation systems unit specializes in customer car-care products. Their bestsellers are telephone controllers CT241-01, HR80 or CM67Z transmitters, CM60RFNG, HC60NG receptors.